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Latest News

2020-10-28 – DeepSea may be a Honey Pot! via /d/DarkNetMarkets

2020-10-28 – Warning: Deep Sea is back without any words from admin. via /d/DarkNetMarkets

2020-10-15 – DeepSea Market Possibly Exit-Scammed, Continuing the Recent Streak of Admins Disappearance via

2020-10-14 – It's an official goodbye. Consider Deep Sea as gone and is a history now. via /d/dsmarket

2020-10-13 – Still no words from admin, now I'm also bit stressed. via /d/dsmarket

2020-09-15 – Be careful with Deep Sea Market. To me they look like a planned easrly exit scam. via /d/DarkNetMarkets

2020-09-03 – Major Update Done. via /d/dsmarket

2020-08-29 – [DDOS? READ HERE] via /d/dsmarket

2020-05-13 – Bug Bounty: Found a bug? back at home with bucks! via /d/dsmarket

2020-05-09 – End Game Anti-DDoS Is in Place. via /d/dsmarket

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WARNING: This service has been tagged as dead. This can happen for various reasons but it always conveys the same message: you should stay away. By visiting any of the links below, you risk falling a victim to phishing.


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