OnionTree is an open source repository of Tor hidden services. We aim to provide up-to-date, curated index of the most popular dark web services, and be as transparent about it as the technology allows it.

We want access to the data to be easy for humans and machines alike. All data is stored in YAML files. YAML can be easily read and written by both. The data is also available in JSON via API.

We want access to the data to remain unrestricted, that’s why it’s released in public domain. Other works, such as software, is available as a free software (free as in freedom). We hope that access to open data and free software will fuel novel ideas.

This website is generated from data in the repository and is served by a web server. Use only the mirrors listed in /mirrors.txt. All other websites claiming to be OnionTree are fake.

How it works?

New data is discovered by manually traversing Darknet Live, Dread, dark.fail and dark web forums, or by user submitted contributions via GitHub.

All contributions are stored in a Git repository and must be PGP signed. Entire history of a file, including all changes is recorded and therefore publicly auditable.

Services which support Onion Mirror Guidelines are updated automatically.

SecureDrop instances are scraped from official SecureDrop directory API.

Invidious instances are scraped from official Invidious API.


This website (OnionTree) is made public with intention to aid the Internet users with navigation of so called dark web. This website DOES NOT promote any site listed here. We have never received compensation in any form for operating this website. We are not responsible for any harm or loss you may receive by following links listed on this site.


OnionTree is operated by Onion Ltd, a pseudonym of a computer programmer that wishes to remain anonymous.