OnionTree is a repository of Tor hidden services. Use this site to find verified onion addresses, PGP keys and other useful information.

All data are open source, available in machine readable format.

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0day.today   urls

0xacab (git, hosting) urls


8kun (forum, imageboard) news · urls


Ablative Hosting (hosting, vps) urls · keys

Ableonion (chat) urls

Ahmia (search) urls

AirVPN (vpn) urls

Archive   urls

Avaris Market (market) urls · keys

Avior Market (market) urls · keys


BBC News (journalism, news) news · urls

Big Blue Market (market) urls · keys

BitBazaar (market) urls · keys

BitVPS (hosting, vps) urls

Black Cloud (upload) urls

BlueMagic (imperiya, vendor) urls · keys

BridgeDB (tor) urls

BuzzFeed News (news) urls


CannabisFreund (imperiya, vendor) urls · keys

CannabisKingz (vendor) urls · keys

CannaHome (market) urls · keys

Cannazon (market) urls · keys

CartKing (vendor) urls · keys

CDNVEN Shop (vendor) urls · keys

Cliqz (search) urls

Cock.li (mail) news · urls

Coinb.in (bitcoin, wallet) urls

Comic Book Library (ebook, library) urls · keys

CryptBB (forum, hacking, security) urls · keys

CryptoDog (chat) urls

cryptostorm (vpn) urls


Daniel's Hosting (hosting) urls

DarkBay (market) urls · keys

Dark Eye (link_list) urls · keys

dark.fail (link_list) news · urls · keys

Dark Market (market) urls · keys

Darknet Live (news) urls · keys

DarkNet Trust (search) urls · keys

DCdutchconnectionUK (vendor) urls · keys

Distributed Denial of Secrets (leaks, whistleblowing) urls · keys

DeepPaste (pastebin) urls

DEF CON (defcon, hacking, security) urls

DEF CON Media Server (defcon, hacking, security) urls

Digital Thrift Shop (leaks, vendor) urls · keys

Darknet Avengers Forum (forum) urls

DarkNetAlchemist (vendor) urls · keys

Dread (forum) news · urls · keys

DrugRoutes   news · urls · keys

drugSEC (vendor) urls · keys

DuckDuckGo (search) urls

Dutch Drugz Psychedelicum Market (vendor) urls · keys


Elude (mail) urls · keys

Empire Market (market) news · urls · keys

Endchan (forum, imageboard) urls

Enigma (vendor) urls

Enot (pastebin) urls

Envoy Forum (forum) news · urls · keys

EU Benzos (vendor) urls · keys

ExpressPharma (imperiya, vendor) urls · keys

ExpressVPN (vpn) urls


Facebook (social_media) news · urls

filedrop (upload) urls

FileSafe (upload) urls

Fingerprint Central   urls


Global Dreams (vendor) urls · keys


haystak (search) urls

HeinekenExpress (vendor) urls · keys

Hermes (forum) urls · keys

Hidden Answers (forum) urls

HiddenHands' Ket Shop (vendor) urls · keys

HollandDutch (vendor) urls · keys


Imperial Library (ebook, library) urls · keys

Imperiya (imperiya, market, vendor) news · urls · keys

InfoCon (archive, hacking, security) urls

Intel Cutout Reloaded (forum, hacking, leaks, security) urls

Invidious (video) urls


Keybase   urls

Kilos (search) urls · keys


LocalMonero   urls


Mail2Tor (mail) urls

Matrix Image Uploader (upload) urls

MedicineManUK's Store (vendor) urls · keys

Metropolis (market) urls · keys

Monopoly (market) news · urls · keys

Mullvad VPN (vpn) urls · keys

mushcanada (vendor) urls · keys

MushMerica (vendor) urls · keys


NamasteLSD (vendor) urls · keys

new shit. (vendor) urls · keys

Njalla (hosting, vps) urls · keys

not Evil (search) urls · keys

NZ Darknet Market Forums (forum) urls · keys


OnionLand Search (search) urls · keys

OnionShare (upload) urls · keys

OnionTree (link_list) urls · keys

OpenPGP Keyserver (keyserver, pgp) urls · keys


Phobos (search) urls

Privacy International   urls

PrivacyTools   urls

ProbitExchange (vendor) urls · keys

Prometheus Hidden Services (hosting, vps) urls · keys

ProPublica (journalism, news) urls

Protonmail (mail) news · urls

Psycellium (vendor) urls · keys

PsychonautWiki (wiki) urls · keys

Pushing Taboo (vendor) urls · keys

pwndb (leaks) urls


QualityKing (vendor) urls · keys

Qubes OS (linux, operating_system) urls


Raddle (forum) news · urls

Riseup Mail (mail, riseup) urls

Riseup Pad (etherpad, riseup) urls

Riseup Share (pastebin, riseup, upload) urls

RootGit (git, hosting) urls


searX (search) urls

Secmail (mail) urls · keys

SecureDrop (securedrop, whistleblowing) urls

SecureDrop: 2600: The Hacker Quarterly (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: ABC (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Aftonbladet (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Al Jazeera Media Network (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Apache (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Barton Gellman (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Bloomberg News (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: BuzzFeed (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: CBC (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Center for Public Integrity (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Coworker.org (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Dagbladet (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Daily Beast (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: FaithLeaks (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Field of Vision (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Financial Times (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Forbes (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Gizmodo Media Group (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Global Witness (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Globe and Mail (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Guardian (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: HuffPost (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Intercept (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Jean-Marc Manach (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Lucy Parsons Labs (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: MormonLeaks (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: NBCNews (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: New York Times (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: NRK (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Public Intelligence (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Reflets.info (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: San Francisco Chronicle (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Stefania Maurizi (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: Süddeutsche Zeitung (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: USA TODAY Network (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: VICE Media (securedrop) urls

SecureDrop: The Washington Post (securedrop) urls

Silk Road 3 (market) news · urls · keys

SmokersCo. Cannabis Store (vendor) urls · keys

SMS Privacy   news · urls

Square Market (market) urls · keys

StandardCocaine (imperiya, vendor) urls · keys

SuprBay (forum) urls


The Canadian HQ (market) urls

The French Connection (vendor) urls · keys

The Grass Company (vendor) urls · keys

TorGuerrillaMail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address (mail) urls

The Majestic Garden (market) urls · keys

The New York Times (journalism, news) urls

Tape (news) urls · keys

Terpezz Shop (imperiya, vendor) urls

The Grateful Chemicals (vendor) urls · keys

THCLEAR (vendor) urls · keys

The Hub (forum) urls · keys

The Library (ebook, library) urls

The Pirate Bay   urls

Tor66 (link_list, search) urls

TorBox Email (mail) urls · keys

Torch Search (search) urls

The Tor Project's gitweb (git, tor) urls

Torigon (forum, hacking, security) urls · keys

Tor Market (market) urls · keys

Tor Metrics (tor) urls

TorPic (upload) urls

The Tor Project (tor) urls

The Tor Project's Bug Tracker & Wiki (tor, wiki) urls

Torum (forum, hacking, security) urls · keys


Uncompressed Market (vendor) urls · keys


Vendy_McVendFace's Vendotorium (vendor) urls · keys

Versus Market (market) urls · keys


White House Market (market) news · urls · keys

Whonix (linux, operating_system) urls

WikiLeaks (journalism, leaks, whistleblowing) urls

Write.as (blog, publishing) urls · keys


XMPP servers list (jabber, xmpp) urls

Xchange.me   urls · keys


Yellow Brick (market) news · urls · keys


ZeroBin (pastebin) urls